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How often is it that women go through with a healty pregnancy with low hcg levels?

Posted by jturner

Im kinda nervous. I am 12 weeks pregnant my hvg levels have never been high....As of now they are less then 2 and my ultrasound shows a healthy baby. I just want to know should i be worried and what questions should i ask my dr...and any other helpful advice.
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Hi jturner,

                 I am really confused. What did your Dr. say about your levels being just 2 at 12 weeks. I have been having pregnancy symtoms since a couple of months now along with some unusual bleeding ...not like my period. Did a blood test, my levels were also just 2. Dr there is no way I could be pregnant for 2 months with an HCG level of 2. But it was hard to believe that as I know my body and it has never acted like this before. Please let me know what your Dr says.




Hello ladies. Did you have your pregnancies to term? I'm 11 weeks and hcg was never high either. It has dropped to 59.5 after a light bleed. Very interested in what happened in your cases!
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