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how many weeks pregnant are you when the baby flips?

Posted by stephanie

i am 37 weeks and 3 days alone with my pregnancey and the baby has still not fliped her head is still up rather than being down should she have droped by now?
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 I have seen babies breech at 37 wks, vertex (head down)  at 38 wks, breech and then vertex (head down)  again at 39 wks, so they can spin around any old time.  This is something you are going to want to talk to your doctor about as there are options you have before labor now.

Now you can try to get the baby to turn with some things that have worked for other women --   Go swimming in a pool, shine a flash light down at the lower part of your abdomen, try breech tilts -- lie on your back and use pillows to raise your hips up about a foot.  Roll from side to side for about 10 minutes three times a day.  Now this works best when you haven't eaten and the baby is active. You can also try to rock your pelvis. You have to get on all fours and arch your back while tilting your pelvis -- then return your back to a straight position and then relax your pelvis.  You can repeat this 30-50 tilts, about three times a day.

Use music and lights to encourage the baby to turn. Get on all fours with your head lower than your pelvis. Place a lit flashlight directly against your skin low on your stomach. Turn on your iPod or Walkman at a medium-high volume and put the headphones against your skin at the base of your stomach. The baby may be curious about the lights and music and turn to that direction.

Elevate the pelvis. Prop a sturdy board against a couch and lie on it with your pelvis at the top for 8 to 10 minutes a day.  My Grandma used an ironing board:)

Lie on your back and prop your feet against a wall. Push your feet against the wall and use this resistance to lift your hips. Place a towel or pillow under your back to keep your hips higher than your shoulders. Try this exercise for 10 minutes 3 times a day.

Seek professional help. Methods such as acupuncture, chiropractor alignment of the pelvis and external cephalic version by a doctor or midwife have been successful but carry risks as well. Talk to your health professional to weigh the risks and benefits of these procedures.

Good luck!

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