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how many months or years does it take to get pregnant if you are taking clomid?

Posted by trying4baby

I am taking clomid to help get pregnant! my husband and i have been trying for a baby and we both got checked out and are fine but the dr. put me on clomid and i want to know if it takes long after you start taking the clomid to get pregnant and if anyone knows the success rate? or if you have any success stories about clomid i would love to hear them to at least give me hope, thank you
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its about 50/50 when it comes to clomid. The general rule is that one should only take clomid for six consecutive cycles then a break before using it anymore.  It depends on how aggressive your gyn is with your treatment- you can start as low at 50mg and move up or (like me) they can start you straight away at 150mg (and my first month on that i didn't even ovulate).  Clomid isnt' given for an indefinite amount of time- if protocol doesn't work then they move on to injects- again all depending on how your ovaries react to the meds.

some women it only takes one round at the lowest dosage of clomid to conceive and some dont conceieve even with Invitro.

Are you being monitored while on clomid?

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