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How long after a birth can you still have a positive pregnancy test?

Posted by MommaTank

I'm a nursing mom who has a 5 month old.  I took an OTC pregnancy test yesterday and a very faint positive sign came up.  Can the Pregnancy hormone remain in the body for a while after pregnancy?
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Hi there - Congrats on your baby.  Typically hCG can remain in your system for up to a month after delivery.

However :) -- Let me ask you this, have you had *any* unprotected intercourse since your child has been born?  Of if you use any sort of birth control have you forgotten to use it, or skipped a pill, or had a tear in a condom?

If you can say yes to any of the above questions then I'd call my doctor up and ask for a blood test to determine how far along you are.

Take care!

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