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how early can ultrasound detect pregnancy? or if the egg is fertilized?

Posted by michbembem

i had my last mense dec12 (lasted for a day and light flow because im on bc pills then) and had sex contact dec 15. is it safe?

 my doctor recommended provera 10mg for 5 days after learning that i had light menses, but after 2 weeks of stopping provera i did not get a period, but my urine pt is negative.


after 3weeks and 2 days of my last mens dec12, i had ultrasound, the dr. did not say anything about me being pregnant.


im too worried.. hope ill get my period soon..


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Well.. if the first day of your last period was 12 December and you had unprotected sex 15Dec then it is highly unlikely that you are pregnant.

Did you doctor do a p4 draw (to check your progesterone levels)?

It sounds as though you may need a longer course of the provera (the 10 day course rather than the 5 day course) if you have not ovulated as of yet. 

Of course, the fact that you are on birthcontrol throws a spin on things.  Do you take it as perscribed?

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