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how does pus form on ovaries

Posted by afsha

my sister (41yrs of age) recently gave birth to her 3rd child - pregnancy was fine labour was painful she gave birth naturally. That was 3 weeks 5 days ago. baby is fine. third day after giving birth my sister was in severe pain in her lower stomach and her bottom, which was unbearable - she was taken to hospital given morphine - and was given strong painkillers for next 16 - 20 hrs. At this point they said her bowel was twisted so the nxt nite some 20 hrs later decided to operate cut open her stomach down and cleaned her bowels. She was in intensive care for a wk, 4days after op they tested for tb - which i think is clear but then 3 days later shes caught pneumonia, fluid in her lungs and has pus on her ovaries. Shes still today in hospital - mobile - able to go to toilet - eat a little. Shes on nebuliser - painkillers - they overdosed her with antibiotics but still no sign of when she will recover and be able to go home. Are you able to tell me how this has happened. Thank you

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