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How Do I Work Around My Newborn’s Schedule?

Posted Dec 20 2008 7:14pm

I already discussed how often newborns should eat and my answer is as often as a baby wants.  However, what does that really mean? Does it mean I am locked inside my house for the next 6 months waiting for my baby to tell me he’s hungry? No way!

I am out and about, taking my older kids to school, going food shopping. finishing my Christmas shopping.  I am doing what I need to do. And I am getting used to having to work around a newborn.

Yes, it is hard sometimes, knowing that my clock is ticking before my nice quiet baby turns into a crying monster. However, it’s just an adjustment.

First of all, you will find that your baby will most likely sleep longer then usual when it’s nice and warm and moving around in it’s car seat.  This buys you extra time right there.

Second, make sure you nurse right before you walk out the door or as close to it as possible.  Third, think about what your plans are before you go.  Are you going to several stores? If you need to go to many stores in one outing, make sure each store is a quick stop. If not, will you be able to nurse at one of the stores? If it’s cold out, you might not want to nurse in the car so you need to know ahead of time if one of the stores has a bench you can nurse on. If you feel more comfortable, you can nurse in a bathroom but make sure you know if one of the stores has public restrooms.

If you are planning on visiting family or friends, try to schedule the stop closer to when you think your baby will be hungry. If you have lots of errands to run, make the visit the middle stop if you can. this gives you a great chance to nurse.

Basically, use common sense and listen to yourself and your baby. Also remember that your baby will not starve if you can’t feed him right away. In the two short weeks my son has been alive, he has screamed on the ride home twice.

I did my best but we lived five minutes too far for him


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