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How Do I Wake My Baby To Nurse?

Posted Dec 20 2008 7:14pm

Did you ever hear “Never wake a sleeping baby”? Well, that’s not always the case. Sometimes you will need to wake your baby to start nursing or in the middle of nursing. This is not always the easiest task. My son is one of those babies who really likes to sleep. Here are some tips on waking your baby.

1. Make Him Cold- Babies love being warm and need to be kept warm. However, it is fine to make your baby cold in order to eat.  Unwrap the blankets, take off the hat and even take off his clothing.

2. Change His Diaper- This goes along with making him cold. This is great to wake him during the feeding. Your baby will probably have soiled itself during the first half of the feeding anyway, so changing his diaper takes care of two things at once.

3. Flick His Heels- My mom swears by this one. Simply flick your baby’s heel with your fingers.  It should not be done too hard but the motion should be enough to wake your baby.

4. Pull Away From His Mouth- If your baby falls asleep on your breast, start pulling away.  Most likely, your baby will start sucking again.

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