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How Can I Find a Qualified Traditional Surrogate or Gestational Carrier?

Posted Jan 23 2011 9:02am


LaMothe Surrogacy Consultants  
Please note: You must ask your infertility clinic or Reproductive Endocrinologist for their list of qualifications in order for a Traditional Surrogate or Gestational Carrier to enter into their program. Do this before you start your search. Health issues, weight, age and uncomplicated pregnancies are just a few of the many requirements and qualifications. 

There are many ways to locate a Traditional surrogate (TS) or Gestational Carrier (GC). You need to consider all your options and ask yourself what will be the most comfortable for your personal situation and life style. 

1) Tell friends and family that you are looking for a surrogate, and find someone through word of mouth.   

2) Search the Web. There are several places online that have women advertising to assist infertile couples through surrogacy.

 3) Contact a clinic or attorney and get a referral to an agency/matching service, or contact an agency directly.  

4) Find a Surrogacy or Egg Donation consultant to lead you in the right direction and offer tips, advice, and to agencies with a great track record.

5) Ask a family member or friend directly to carry your child for you.

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