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How Big John and I Came To Be Part 2

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:13am
“There's someone I want you to meet.” I never knew that one sentence could change my life so much. I told her that I would meet this guy but I didn’t want to date him. I was in the getting to know myself stage and nothing was going to mess that up. So she called him to see if he was up for it. She called me back and said that she set it up for the next night. There was a bar in a little town not too far away that was filming their T.V. commercial. So we were going to go and see if we could be in it. Now, I must inform you that at the time all this took place I was only 19. I was worried about being able to get in the bar but she told me not to worry about it. I looked old enough and they would be happy to have a crowd for the commercial. So I agreed.

I was so nervous all day. I had told my coworkers all about mystery guy. I cheated a little though. My friend had told me that mystery guy was a DJ on a country radio station and told me the name of the station. So at work that day, I Googled the radio station to see if there was anything about mystery guy on there. I lucked out. There was a lot of information and there was even a picture!! When I got off of work, I drove over to my friend’s house and picked her up and went to the bar. It was a tiny hole in the wall place and we were the first ones there. I kept going to the bathroom to make sure my hair looked ok and that my make-up still looked good. Finally, I heard her say that he just pulled in the parking lot across the street. My stomach started doing flip flops. I told myself to stop getting so worked up. I was absolutely not going to be interested in this guy! And then he walked in…

I have to be completely honest here. The first thing I noticed was that he was incredibly tall. And then I saw his gorgeous blue eyes. And then I saw his… pasty white legs. But then I quickly went back to his eyes and his smile. I think I might have melted a little in that moment. He sat down next to me and we started talking. For a while, things were a little awkward but then as the evening wore on it got better. We were actually in the commercial. We got to go outside and walk in to the bar arm in arm. After the cheesy commercial was done filming, the owners gave a round of drinks to everyone that helped. I actually drank an alcoholic beverage. We decided that we didn’t want the night to end there so we went to BW3’s and got a bite to eat. I was completely mesmerized by this new guy. He was hot, fun to talk to, and he seemed like a really good guy. When we finally decided to call it a night I was really nervous. I didn’t know if he would try to kiss me and I didn’t know if I wanted him to. He walked me to my car and said what a good time he had. He gave me his business card with his cell phone number written on the back and then gave me a hug and said that he hoped to hear from me soon. I was not really thinking so I didn’t give him my phone number. He got in the car and drove away leaving me standing there with my belly doing somersaults cursing my stupidity for not giving him my number. This meant I was going to have to call him…
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