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How bad is 1 in 70 diagnose for down syndrome after screening test? its my first preg. and iam scared to death.

Posted by Mia

I had IVF done sometime back and currently 19 weeks pregnant..i just got a call from my doctor that my 'triple screen test' results were +ve. had a high risk for down syndrome which she put at 1 in 70. Iam 32 years old, this being my first pregnancy iam scared to death. No body in my family or my husband's family has any such issues in the past. i dont want to get amniocentesis done as it could put my baby into more trouble. i wanted to know how bad is 1 in 70 diagnosis..what other options could i have, should i go for another screening test to cnfirm the initial findings..etc..i will greatly appreciate any info in this regard. Thanks
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Mia, I have an eleven year old son with Downs. I never took the test, because we wouldn't do anything about it anyway. He is a bright spot in our lives....yes, more work, and soo stubborn! But loved by his older and younger siblings! He is in the middle and I am expecting again (age 44) in Jan. and still don't test. Those tests are not very accurate. I know so many people who were in your boat, and the baby did not have Downs. The one that did was a huge blessing. Enjoy your pregnancy and know that your baby already loves you!


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