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Hormone levels in ... more good news

Posted May 04 2009 5:26pm
Considering we don't really have any information right now as to what is going on inside my body, we are trying to stay positive.

I believe it was a good sign that my progesterone and estrogen levels from this morning came back good!

Progesterone: they want it to be >6, mine was 34.5
Estrogen: they want it to be >300, mine was 799

So on Sunday I start weaning off the meds: down from three to two progesterone ( Endometrin ) tablets per day which means my mid-day dose will go away ... my poor MALE office mate - who watches me crawl to the floor during lunch will stop wondering what the heck I'm doing! And I need only apply 1 estrogen patch to my skin on Sunday (instead of 2).

This information has no bearing on the success of this pregnancy (except that it means that things aren't over yet - but that would have come with it's own symptoms) nor does it mean anything about how many or how few babies are (hopefully safely) tucked in that womb. All this really is, is good news - something I'm not usually the bearer of.

In other news today, the most recent anonymous post (near bottom this time) did not go without my notice. I would like to respond - as I've now received my SECOND "controversial" comment since In2 MeSee's inception ... all within the same post! Go figure ... I've been writing for nearly 2 years and this one post has solicited less than overly supportive comments ... hmmmm. But I digress for now, I will respond in another post.

For now, I'm just grateful for some good news!
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