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Posted Apr 16 2009 12:00am
So I was tagged by Becky way back at the beginning of April for an "honest tag". I've been meaning to respond but just haven't had a chance. Then today I saw Joia was responding to an "honest tag" as well and it reminded me about my need to respond to Becky's tag.

So here I am. I'm supposed to list ten honest things about myself. Quite honestly, I can't really think of a lot of things that I haven't already told everyone who reads my blog. I sort of tell it like it is and talk a lot and write a lot so it all gets put out there. So I thought I would instead list my similarities with Becky and Joia's honesty. A little bit of a twist. But I think that's okay. You'd have to go and read Becky and Joia's posts to see what I am responding to so click on the links above if you are interested. Okay, let me just get started.

Here are my similiarities to Becky's post:

1. When JB goes on a trip, I eat lots of processed foods. Macaroni and cheese, pizzas, anything that I can whip up in the microwave in about ten minutes. I also eat cereal and pancakes for dinner on many occasions.

2. I do not like it all when JB is not in the house with me overnight. However, living on base and having Scrubs has chilled me out considerably in this regard. I have, however, slept with my bedroom door locked in the past, but when we look for a house in any place we live, the top of my priorities is that I will feel safe when he is gone. The condo on the second floor in Minnesota was very helpful with that. Our townhouse on the border of some woods in Kentucky was not.

3. I was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am not sure where I consider "home". I loved our little duplex in Kentucky where we lived across the street from Josh and Sarah. I also loved our condo in Minnesota (which we still own and are renting out.) But home seems to be wherever we are right now.

4. I have no real desire to dance in anyway. Especially not to square dance. If I were little and petite and not a pile of arms and legs, I think I would love it, but I just know that no matter how well I was trained, I'd be incredibly lanky and long and it just wouldn't look right. Every gal on Dancing with the Stars that has been tall looks horrible.

5. I am not a perfectionist. I am perfectly fine with B work. When JB decided he didn't want to go to a barber every third week to get his haircut, he asked me if I could learn how to do it to save us money. I said yes but said he should remember that B work is okay for me. He decided to teach himself instead.

6. I am the oldest of two siblings: just me and my brother Keith. However, I married into a family that has six kids so I feel like I have gotten my big family fix. I had a foster brother, John, when I was little.

8. When I was a kid, someone started a rumor that my real name was Gwendolyn. I couldn't convince people that it was untrue, especially after my dad, who worked at the school, fueled the rumor by telling everyone it was true!

9. Scrubs is my first real pet, and I, like, Becky, know my heart would hurt greatly if anything happened to him. He is a major part of our family.

10. I don't think I fidget a lot, but I don't sit or lay in one place for very long. Is that fidgeting?

Okay, now I'll jump to Joia's for comparison:

1. I am addicted to water. I crave it. I could easily only drink water for the rest of my life.

2. I loathe cockroaches. Any other bug I can handle but those thing make me want to crawl out of my skin. JB, honestly, feels the same way, despite his incredible love of nature.

3. I would like to go to any sporting event that I could think of except for a monster truck show. Or a car race either. Neither of those interest me at all. However, if given a free ticket and someone who could explain it to me while we were there, I'd go.

4. I do like hot dogs but as for kid food, I prefer macaroni.

5. I am not a spender. JB is definitely the spender in our family.

6. I have never eaten an entire large pizza by myself. I think, if pressed, I could possibly eat 2/3 of a pizza, but I really don't think I could possibly eat a whole pizza. Joia, this is impressive.

7. Joia wrote: If it weren't for my husband's (good) influence on me, I would lay out in the sun all the time and be tanned golden all year round... sigh. =) Joia, I am soooooooooo with you on this. I mean like really, really with you. I love to be tan. I had a pre-melanoma removed at 20, however, and it kinda freaked me out, but if I could, I would be majorly brown.

8. In Minnesota, I need chap stick with me everywhere I went, but here, I don't need it very often.

9. I like country music too. The truth though was that when I went to college, I loathed it, but rooming with Kristi and living one hour of Nashville, I quickly realized that if I didn't start liking it, I would be miserable for my entire stay in the south. So I embraced. No I loveeee it.

10. I do not have an extra tooth or any extra body parts at all that I am aware of.

All right folks. There's some honestly for you this morning. I also want to wish a quick happy birthday to my cousin Jason, my cousin Justin, my goddaughter Grace, and to remember Bri's brother Brant, who passed away many years ago. This was his birthday as well.
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