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Honesty is the best policy?

Posted Oct 20 2009 10:03pm

Here is a “lovely” sign posted in an OB’s office.

scary sign While on the one hand, this sign irritates me, because it shows utter disregard for women and their rights.

On the other hand, at least they are up front about the fact they won’t be supportive of what a mom wants, that they will do things “their way or the highway.

Makes it REAL easy to change to a new care provider.

I have to add more

Jill at Unneccesarean posted about an OB who gives out THEIR birth plan.    Which basically said to the patient, “I am going to decide what happens here and use all the newest and greatest interventions possible.   Don’t even bother having an opinion, I don’t care.”

The mom who got this birth plan from her OB, changed care providers and had a lovely birth center birth.

Maybe OBs having birth plans is a good idea.  If moms knew what they were going to “get” at birth, they may be more pro-active in searching out alternatives.  Most moms show up at the hospital not knowing what is going to happen (except a baby will be born.)

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