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Hi, remember me? I'm a horrible blogger lately.

Posted Feb 08 2014 9:54pm
But if you're still with me I have news. We are now a family of FOUR! I can't even believe it.  The local situation popped back into our lives, TWO days before the birth. It was a major roller coaster of dealing with baby daddy drama and a baby the nicu and I didn't know if he was mine. I had to decide if I would go see him daily and risk my heart getting broken. End up I went. I went to hospital the day he was born and then he was transferred to the nicu about 12 minutes from our home. I went daily there, amid the baby daddy drama and in the end it paid off. The noise maker wasn't the daddy. big relief, to us as well as the bmom and her family. Grant didn't go see him until the tpr was signed. He didn't' want us both falling apart if it fell through. Especially with Alana. So I introduce Gavin James born at 8.8 full term. He's still in the nicu at 3+ weeks old for meconium aspiration, he had inhaled merconium at birth and he's having a hard time getting over it. He is gaining weight really well though and is almost 10 pounds. As frusterating as it is not to having him home yet (he was supposed to come home tomorrow) I remind myself of the first two weeks. He had a rough start poor little guy. From the oxygen, to antibiotics, iv's in his head, hand,head etc etc and morphine. At least he is needle free now. they had fully removed him from the oxygen for about 6-7 hours on Friday before he started breating too fast again, it stayed high for too long so they had to start the oxygen again. So oxygen is the "only" thing he's on now.

 in other news, we have to be out of our house by Feb 28 and not sure we have a house to move into. The house we want had a low appraisal which owners refused to sell for. We can't pay over appraisal. We challenged it. And now they are doing another appraisal. That should be back by Wednesday. I really pray it comes in high enough for the owners to be able to say yes and we get the house. It's  an amazing house. I'll be so sad to lose it.

here is our new boy...

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