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hi im 5weeks pregnant. but am i pregnant cos ive got no symptoms and its really worying me. i had dizzyness headache back ache.

Posted by sarahxx

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how did you confirm your pregnancy?  Is there any other pain besides the back and headaches (like cramping)?
hiya. i got it confirmed by the doctor. ive got really sore boobs but thats it ill be 6weeks this thursday. erm i had cramping in week 4 and a few days in this week. im getting really worried

did he do a urine test or a serum (blood) test?


You could ask your physican to order up an ultrasound to check for yoke sac and fetal pole.  Tell him/her your concerns and that you would like those eased.

That's really all I can suggest...

hi i am about to be in week five of my pregnacy and i am going through the same thing i have no symptoms only headachs back achs cramping really bad but nothing else i feel you cause i am worry to cuz these cramps are so bad i had to call off work two days.
Hi, I am also a little over 5 weeks pregnant.  I found out I was pregnant after my progesterone test came back high.  They were testing that because I was using Clomid, the fertility medicine, for the first time.  So, I took a digital ClearBlue brand pregnancy test the next day on cycle day 31-32, and the digital test said I was pregnant.  I felt really pregnant that day, but also experienced some cramping in the front.  Next day, a little cramping on the sides.  And the following day, a sudden sharp pain maybe where my cervix is, for a couple of seconds.  But no bleeding and no huge cramping.  Took a blood test for HCG.  That came up positive with HCG of 69.  My doctor felt things are going well for me so far so she moved my appointment weeks back to give me more time so the ultrasound would show better.  I could not believe I didn't need to take another blood test to see how my HCG was progressing.  I was worried because I didn't feel that much pregnant after a couple of days right after finding out.  So, I asked for another pregnancy test 2 days later.  I just got the results today, that my HCG dropped to 42.  No cramping, no bleeding.  Went to see another substitute doctor since my doctor went on vacation.  He did an ultrasound and couldn't see anything in my uterus yet and he told me it's probably too early to see anything.  My boobs still feel sore, and after my nap and rough day, my stomach area still feels firm, and my temperature is still higher than when I'm not pregnant.  If I had listened to my doctor, I would have been happy and eating and feeling this pregnancy is still going great.  I had an ectopic the first time so that was why I was concerned about my HCG even when my doctor wasn't yet.  But, positive side, my Mom had 5 kids, never did an HCG and never had an ultrasound.  She had me at 40 years old.  Keep positive.  If you've also seen those tv shows about women who didn't know they were pregnant until they were giving birth, who knows what they're HCG count was month to month.  Since I don't feel anything right now that's pain accompanied by bleeding, I need to bounce right back cause at this very moment, I'm still considered pregnant.  I'm not a doctor, but if you feel any cramping that lasts more than a few minutes and it's more often then you'd want, please take a break, rest, and follow up with your doctor.  And if your doctor gives you an answer you don't like, follow your heart.  It's not over til the next cycle comes and then it's a new start. 
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