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hi i've been on the pill for 10 months now and just finshed a periods and on the first day back on my active my husband and i ha

Posted by mum-of-two24

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are you asking whether or not you could have become pregnant?
I'm not sure what you want the outcome to be, but technically yes, you coudl be pregnant. The pill is not perfect, although it is highly effective at preventing pregnancy. Even though you had sex on your first day of active pills, assuming you were taking your pills consistently and on time since you've started, you were still protected. The active ingredients in the active pills protect a woman from pregnancy even when shes not taking them for the week she's on her period. Given all of that there is still a slight chance you could be pregnant, so if you're not sure, you could take an at home test and talk to your doctor. Hope this helps!
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