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Hi.....I tring to find out whats wrong with me .....i have two girls 15 & 13....I had my tudes tied six weeks after my youngest

Posted by mom2scared

after my youngest was born i got my tubes cut tied and burned........ well over the last month and a half i've been going though pregnancy symptoms... and im not sure whats going on.......this is what im going breast are larger,leaking that before milk stuff,my belly botton has been getting sharp pains,even my stomach hurts at night and sometimes when i eat i get these pains and it feels tight i've gained weight around that area   hard to sleep ,and there a light line going up to my chest it allway stayed at the bottom  .....i was at work last week a started vomiting out of nowhere,my left leg has been hurting off and on from the hip down that side of my belly has really been giving me sharp pains  .........i dont know what to do because with my last two kids hpt didn't work and when i got onee done the first one i was four month along..2one i was six months along crazy right something about my mom has that probrem too plus my blood type is  b- so i have to get that shot...its crazy because i've been fighting a cold for month now..could i be pregnant someone help what should i do.........
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