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Hi i have my tubes tide and i want another child and i dont neccesarilly have surgery or the ivf process what can be done if any

Posted by toy toy

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Nothing besides those two things can be done.  An egg needs to implant in the uterus and having them tied prevents that so the other option would be IVF that would skip the tubes part.
Thank you for a quick response. My next question would be which procedure is less expensive but more effective. I am willing to consider these procedures but would like to start reviewing and become more comfortable with what i have to do.

Price depends on clinic so I can't give you a price comparison. 


My guess would be that initally the surgical procedure would be more expensive- even though as I think about it the Rx's, U/S visits, egg retrival, and egg transfer would probably add up to quite the hefty sum.  On the other hand, you may end up having to do IVF either way because of possible scarring/adhesions to your tubes.


Check out (not too sure where you are at so I'll give you the site in Ga) because I know they have a section about how to make IVF affordable.

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