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hi, i have a 30 to 34 day menstrual cycle.On May and June i got my period on the 29th. On July was the 31st.

Posted by ev

Im tring to conceive and On August I had my period onthe 19th. Too soon for me and it was spotting and the next day i was bleeding. it lasted for 3 days. the blood was watery and no smell was present.Now its September 13th and I have not yet ovulated and mild cramping and it goes away.I also felt a wierd sensation in my abdomen like bubbles.and quick mild pain on the right side too.I feel bloated but no sign of period.can you help?
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no. last two moths i ovulated on the 18th-20th.i usually  notice by the amount of cm and ovulation kit. it has read this normal? im ttc.
are you sure you aren't gearing to ovulate?
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