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Hi - I had a smear test 7 days ago but i started bleeding 3 days ago (i am on the pill), plus i am getting clots as well... I am

Posted by Dolly

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what is your question?

sorry- first time being on here - wasnt sure how the system worked.

My question is: what can the bleeding and clots mean? It only bleeds late afternoon / early evening and the clots are quite large. I have period pains (similar to first day pain) but then it goes by the morning. Spoke to NHS direct and they said to speak to a doctor if this carries on for over a week. But wondered if anyone knew what it was or if its happened to them. I am on Cerazette birth control.

how long have you been on this particular brand of birth control?
coming up to the end of my first 3 months
ok and when you started your bleed where were you in your cycle?
i presume would have been around day 17 of cycle although going by diary as take cerazette continuously ie no break for period
sorry  - no would have been day 20
been to the doctor and been told that this is a symptom of Cerazette.
I'm glad that you have a reason now.  Thank you for sharing because now I know as well.
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