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Here comes 2012!!

Posted Jan 21 2012 11:10pm
Happy New Year! (belated)

Good grief, somehow I have failed to post for nearly 6 weeks….How is this possible? Beats me but I am hoping to make up for it in 2012. This past year was full of ups and downs. I am hopeful that 2012 will be a little bit less of a roller coaster ride for the world economy. Last weekend I was camping (yes, in a tent) with the Boy Scouts at the USNA Jambo at Annapolis. It was pretty chilly at night and I may indeed be getting too old to sleep outside in a tent when all standing water freezes solid…Be that as it may, I was so impressed by the young men and women at the Naval Academy. What a great education and what outstanding young people…it gives me hope for the future that I rarely feel when reading about 20 somethings living in their parents' basement playing X Box 15 hours a day and transforming slowly into Jabba the Hut. So last weekend I was too busy to work on the blog.

I did get a week off as well just after Christmas and then there was an avalanche of charts to deal with upon my return. Still not sure where all my time went. I have no recollection of being abducted by space aliens so who knows how i managed to neglect the blog so long but there you have it.

There are still numerous chapters left to cover from our book. There are some very interesting cases from our clinic to share (with no identifying info) and there are some clinical questions that I really want to discuss.

As we start this New Year of 2012 I would also like to address those who wish to post a question or comment.

First of all, when you post a comment it goes to my Inbox before it gets posted to the site. Thus, don't fret if you fail to see your well constructed post appear with a single mouse click. I was getting so many posts about Viagra that I had to change my settings with Google so all posts had to be approved by me before they are posted to the blog.

Secondly, it would be nice for those who post comments to enter some sort of screen name. I get tired of replying to Anonymous #1, #2, #3 etc etc. No salesman will call. No email spam will be sent. I just think that if you are asking for an opinion then you can at least share some sort of name with me…even if it is totally unrelated to your real name.

Finally, if you are dying to read my opinion on a particular issue then please post it as a comment to this post and I will try to cover it this year. Medical issues are preferred but I can certainly weigh in on my favorite DC Pizza restaurant or why my wife hatesd Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and other matters of critical importance….

Happy New Year to all!
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