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Helmet Head

Posted Apr 15 2010 7:16pm
On Wednesday afternoon, after driving around lost in the local industrial park for thirty minutes, Clara was fitted for her helmet (aka cranial band) .  Since she is so young, our hope is that she will only have to wear it for 3 or 4 months.

The good news is that our insurance did agree that the helmet is medically necessary and paid for 85% of the cost.  It was still difficult to write the check for the other 15% but if it helps, it will be worth every penny.

We are in the transition phase of the process right now.  Today, she wore the helmet for an hour, then it was off for an hour.  She also did not have to wear it for naps or night.  Tomorrow, it will be on for four hours, then off for an hour.  The ultimate goal is to have the helmet on for 23 hours per day by day five or six.

Each time we remove the helmet we clean it out with rubbing alcohol.  The doctor did warn us that the helmet will develop an odor and it is obvious that she is warm in it as her scalp is usually wet and she is quite flushed when we remove it.   Overall, it doesn't seem to really bother her and she adjusts quickly once she has it on.

We will go back every two weeks to have her head checked and the helmet refitted.  Let's all hope that Clara grows quickly and that her time in the helmet is brief.
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