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hello, i need help in knowing something. i know it has been asked a lot but i kinda need to know more.

Posted by emma

i had sex with my boyfriend on july 25 and it was unsafe. actually the condom got torn i guess. so the sperm was partially in me. i had my period 3 days later the 28th. so is it possible that now i am pregnant. cos usually i should have my period by now and am kinda worried. i need to know why i dont have any of the symptoms of the period. i did a home preg test and it was invalid. i donno why nothing showed. it says i can do it any time of the day and i did in the afternoon and i had drunk lots of water by then and used the washroom a lot. help!!!
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if you had a period then no - you can't be pregnant from that particular session.


if you have not started a new cycle then you need to look at unprotected sex from the beginning of this cycle to this current time

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