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healthtalks ep 4. Get yourself fertile. My top 5 tips to fertility.

Posted Oct 29 2012 4:30pm


Today on healthtalks, I talk fertility.  You need to know THIS.  Fertility doesn't mean babies.  Fertility is simply healthy reproductive function.


In this weeks segment, I've summed up my top 5 (ok 6, because I like to talk) tips to fertility PLUS I share a really easy, quick and delicious cook up from my e-book – Fertilise Yourself – you can grab it here as either an  e-book  OR the  i-book .

Fertility certainly isn't just about the babies.  Fertility is the ability to conceive.  I'd like you to think of it as an extension of your health.  It sums up overall wellness, because if you are fertile, you can bet your bottom dollar your body systems are doing an ok job of things.  So, before you run off faster than you can say 'fertility', you might want to take a look see as to how you can have yourself firing on all cylinders with some simple pointers and take a step in improving your reproductive health.
  Your body is a clever machine.  When life is taking it's toll, your reproductive organs are the first to have the switch flicked off because, you don't need them to work, for the rest of your body to function.  BUT to be healthy, we need overall wellness and so, this is another segment you won't want to miss.
Reproductive wellness includes those with diagnosed conditions too – think Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, thyroid troubles and hormone imbalance.  These conditions are clear signals that your body needs your help, to make specific decisions in your diet and lifestyle to make things better.  These conditions are very treatable, and such treatments start with you.
Jess and I are on the couch knitting through these tips but before you race off to put the advice into action (thank me later boys), stick around to watch Sam and I get busy in the kitchen!

So go on then!  Check it out here:


Want the recipe?  You can access it here via my free mini site which has all the recipes found in my book 'fertilise yourself.'



Thanks for stopping by!  Please share this post with your friends, like it and if you feel like saying something about it, don't be shy!  Nat x

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