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He can get it with a scalpel to his testicles

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:05am
I'm in the 2nd trimester or just about there, depending on what kind of math you use.

The baby still has a heartbeat, so apparently we're gonna have a baby in January. Still kind of surprised by that.

We've told everyone about the pregnancy and they all managed to not say anything offensive. I'm very much surprised by that as well. My mother finds it humorous. Not at all the reaction I was expecting. My father pretty much ignored me. Closer to normal when my being pregnant is involved. Much better than the alternative.

If one more person suggests one of us getting fixed, I'll probably beat them to death. I ignored my doctor. I even got past the husbands father's hypocritical suggestion. But the husbands mother (my mother-in-law aka a mom of 6 kids) got all teary eyed and told the husband that she doesn't want us to struggle like she did with so many kids and not a lot of money. All of a sudden the husband had a change of heart. This one is it, or possibly one more after this one and then he's getting a vasectomy. First he tried to convince me it was easier for me to get my tubes tied. Sure, if they do it during the c-section. But they won't be doing it then. Or ever if I get my way. He wants permanent birth control? He can get it with a scalpel to his testicles.

Sure I was figuring one more after this one and then probably getting fixed during the c-section as well. But I had planned on discussing it. I had not planned on doing it because his mommy says it is the best thing to do. maybe a little negative reinforcement (listen to mom, get stabbed in the testicles) will remind him that I'm one of the two people who have a say in our reproductive choices.
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