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hcg while not pregnant

Posted by holi

hi, i have been trying to fall pregnant for along time now with very less success. last December i took a htp and it showed positive, i then did a blood test which also confirmed that i was pregnant. we were over the moon, But when i went to the doc he did an ultra sound that showed that there was no pregnancy. we were devasted. last Tuesday i fell a little sick so i went to the doctor who did a pregnancy test which showed positive as my lmp was 6/04/09. i went on Saturday to do a scan and we could see nothing so the doctor did another test which showed negative. how is this possible that my body was feeling all this symptoms but there is no signs of pregnancy.

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Some women (like myself) have a small amount of hCG in their system at all times...


However, it sounds to me as though you are having what is termed a "Chemical Pregnancy"- basically a pregnancy that is confirmed with a HPT and/or a beta draw but the numbers are going down and a period starts soon after.   Conception occurs but along the way something goes wrong. 


If it happens again you should be able to request recurrant loss testing to see if they can find out what the underlining problem may be.

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