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HCG Levels dropped

Posted by becuzimme

I should be in my12th week but I had an ultrasound 10/15/09 done and showed an empty sac. Took a blood test for my levels on Friday 10/16/09 because my doctor said that I had miscarried. My results from Friday were in the 1900's and then the test on Monday showed 980. However I have no signs of a miscarriage no bleeding, spotting or cramps. She wants to schedule an D & C has anyone ever gone through this and is it only bad news or is there hope? 
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You are dealing with either a blighted ovum or a chemical pregnancy.  In both cases hCG is produced but there is no fetus.  If there is no fetus there is no pregnancy.

Im sorry you have to deal with this, but if you haven't bled on your own  at this point then I would suggest to go ahead with the D&C to make sure that you do not get an infection. 

I have my D & C scheduled for Friday and thank you for the advice. 
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