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HCG injection (trigger injection)

Posted Feb 27 2011 3:42pm
At 23:00 on Friday, I injected the HCG injection in preparation for my egg collection today.  HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotrophin, which is a natural sex hormone.  The injection stimulates the final maturation of the eggs.

You may also hear this injection being called Pregnyl, as that is the brand name.  Probably, there are other brands too, but I have always had Pregnyl.

If you have a read on internet, you will discover that Pregnyl gets used for plenty of other reasons, in both men and women.  For example, it can be used to induce ovulation in some ladies.  I have only ever used it for IVF though.  In the case of IVF the eggs are collected 32 to 36 hours after the Pregnyl injection.
This injection stings a bit more than my Menopur ones.  In fact the next day, I could still feel a hard lump that was a bit tender at the injection site.  You mix it in the same way as Menopur.
Saturday was an injection free day (won’t last though, unfortunately).  We went to stay with friends in Berkshire on Saturday night, so that we were a bit closer to the hospital.  Was a good opportunity to visit them. Thanks Rick and Becky.  Thanks also Jodie for the offer.  We are lucky, we know quite a few people in the vicinity of London, so can usually find somewhere to stay if it is necessary.
Next post is about the egg collection which happened today.
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