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HCG Beta blood test

Posted Mar 18 2011 11:19am
We have just been down to London to have a HCG Beta blood test.  This will confirm the pregnancy.  I will get a call later to say what the levels are.  Apparently, anything above 100 is acceptable this early in the pregnancy, but the range is huge so it could be thousands.  I am told the level can’t be used as a way of knowing whether there is a multiple pregnancy or not.  I will have a scan in about two weeks, where we will be able to see how many embryos managed to implant. 

I also asked about my nosebleeds and my doctor said seeing as everything is going well, he is nervous to change anything, so probably I will stay on the Clexane.  The clexane that I am injecting, is a very small dose so he didn’t think it was very likely that it is causing the nosebleeds.  I had a second blood test done however.  This will be a full blood count and coagulation blood test.  I think they are interested in the level of platelets in the blood as Clexane can reduce them sometimes.

I certainly prefer to put up with the nosebleeds, rather than do anything even slightly risky to the pregnancy.  Also, it is still only two days since I gave up the aspirin so we need to give that a chance to kick in.
I’ll add to this post when I get my beta result.
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