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has anyone had a fallopian tubal pregnancy, and got it removed and left with the other damaged?

Posted by Maria

Hi, My husband and I are trying toge pregnant for about 5yrs now. At the age of 20 I had a baby with a different relationship. In 1999 I had a tubal pregnancy in that same relationship. I been married now for 7yrs and tring to get pregnant. its not happening due to the damaged fallopian tube. So my husband and I are thinking of doing IVF. WE went to see a doctor who does ivf. What she said was to remove that damaged tube firstor a better chance. Not have too, but its a better chance. Not sure what to do has anyone gone throw this? its a hard caz I dont really want to go throw surgy. It would be nice to hear same story close or like mine so i can make up my mind.

Thank you's for reading my questions your story will be helpful.

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