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Happy Easter and Happy 11 months!

Posted Apr 04 2010 12:00am

In my completely unbiased opinion, of course, I have to say I think the get more adorable each month. Because, really, how cute are they?! They totally look like they're posing for pictures in the first shot! Amaya is on the left in these, and Liana on the right

Grandpa was over this morning so I could go to church, and after the girls take their nap, we're going to head to Grandma and Grandpas for a little bit this afternoon. I really suck at making a big deal out of these first holidays for the girls ... because really, they could care less. So no Easter egg hunt or Easter outfits or Easter baskets, at least from Bjorn and I. I wouldn't be surprised if a little something awaited them at G&Gs :)

In other news, I really am having a crisis over the girls being almost a year old. I don't know what it is ... I guess on the one hand I just can't believe their infancy is almost over and I got to enjoy so little of it. On the other hand, I'm feeling depressed quite frequently over the fact that they're 11 months old and don't crawl or pull up to stand, that they still need to sleep swaddled and elevated in their Nap Nannies, that they don't do well with their solids or have a single tooth ... in other words, that they're still babies in so many respects and NOT the toddlers they should be pretty soon.

The girls could care less, of course, about what they should be or shouldn't be doing, and are just delightful, happy, at times outright hilarious - and most importantly healthy little people. Their personalities come through more and more. Amaya gets a total high being around other people and will yell and laugh and talk to complete strangers in the store. Liana, on the other hand, has earned the nick name "Stonewall Jackson" by her father, which really describes her very well ... especially around strangers. Or during meal time, when she just stares at you blankly with her lips tightly closed and pretends to not know that she's supposed to be eating right now :) Their physical therapist is quite pleased with their overall progression and thinks Amaya is about another month or so away from crawling (just in time for our Germany trip!!). They're currently working on their transitions from sitting into being on their tummy and back up, and doing quite well.

I am still nursing and pumping for them almost full-time. I've pumped a lot more since Liana started having her feeding issues a month ago or so, so I can fortify all of her milk with high-calorie formula and also so I know exactly what she's getting. I still nurse Amaya about twice a day, though, and Liana here and there. They're currently getting 3 meals of solids a day (mostly cereal, fruits and veggies), and are making very slow progress in the finger food department. We're still up about 5 times or more a night to replace pacifiers, mostly, but aside from that they sleep pretty well at night and just recently started taking a good morning nap. Speaking of which, I better run and get some stuff done before they wake up again.

So to all of you: Happy Easter!

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