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Happy 3rd Birthday kiddo, and finally, the final post.

Posted Jun 14 2011 12:00am
Not sure if anyone is here anymore, but it's time to post the last words. And seeing as it was the kiddo's 3rd birthday this past weekend (WOW), I thought it was appropriate for my last blog post to be words for her.

Thanks for reading - I have so appreciated the support, comments, and great advice. And if you want to stay in touch, I'm blogging over at The Lotto List , when I can find the time. You can also shoot me an email from here, or find me on Twitter @karmasdogma. Until next time...

I wish…

I wish my legs were longer, and looked perfect in skinny jeans.
But I can walk, jump rope, and chase you in the backyard.

I wish my arms were a little less muscular and that they weren’t, ever so slightly, starting to waddle.
But my strong arms allow me to carry you home when you’re too tired to walk, and rock you at night when it’s dark and quiet.

I wish my hair was either straight and long, or curly and fun, rather than somewhere in the middle. And that I didn’t wear a ponytail so often.
But I remember what it was like not to have hair, and to miss my ponytail.

I wish I were more even-tempered, like your Dad. But I’m not. And neither are you. However, I promise you that passion and fire will serve you well in the future.

I wish I didn’t have to pluck, wax, paint, cut, colour, or primp. But in fact, I don’t have to. I choose to. And I’m grateful I have the choice to look however I want.

I wish my bra size was slightly smaller, or that I was perky enough to not even need a bra. But even though I didn’t carry you, I nourished you. And that is amazing.

I wish cancer had never been part of my life. And that my insides worked so I could have felt you kick, and brought you into this world.
But if I had never had cancer, I may never have had you.

And you, Addison Mae, are perfect in every way.
I hope you always remember to be grateful for what you have, and who you are.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl. You are the best part of me, hands down.
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