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Halfway through

Posted Sep 12 2008 12:00am
Today, I am officially halfway through this pregnancy. I can't believe I am pregnant nonetheless that I am halfway through it. I continue to spend each day pinching myself that this has actually happened to me. I can only feel the baby late at night when lying in bed but apparently this isn't unusual with a first pregnancy.

I am feeling pretty good as of recent. The over-the-counter medicine JB has me taking two times a day has seemed to cut down on my heartburn considerably. No weepy nights trying to fall asleep in bed recently. This helps me to appreciate pregnancy even more. I promised myself I wouldn't spend ten months complaining about being pregnant, but the heartburn had made it difficult. I'm still dealing with some interesting indigestion issues, but they are quite manageable in comparison.

Some people have complained that they haven't seen enough pregnancy pictures of me on the blog. That is true. I'm not opposed to putting up pictures of myself, but I guess it's those long years of infertility and seeing all the pregnancy bellies that have made me a bit shy about actually posting a picture and labeling it. I've had some friends email me for a photo. If you are really interested, drop me an email, and I'd be glad to shoot you a few shots of something many of us thought we'd never see: Wendi pregnant.

But today is a special day! So, in celebration of being 20 weeks, I have decided to include two photos for your enjoyment

Scroll down for the big reveal.

Okay, so those have nothing to do with my pregnancy. Did I fool you? But they are cute aren't they?

The first picture is of Scrubs after our hot walk this morning. He fell asleep wrapped in the mini-blinds -- too tired to move. In fact he was so tired that he did not follow me upstairs to put Isaac down for his nap and didn't check on me when I took a nap upstairs, by myself, all alone. Both rarities.

The second picture is Isaac with his Aunt AD last night -- just chilling together in his play gym. Aren't they sweet?! Isaac was so wiped out from his big day with Aunt AD that he fell asleep from 5:30-10:00pm, when I finally managed to sort of wake him up for a feeding. He promptly fell to sleep but woke up a tad early this morning due to his late nap. Leave it to my Mom to snag him at 6:15am when he started talking. She brought him to me at 7:00am when she left for work, and Isaac slept with me by my head while Scrubs snuggled up next to my feet. It was one big, happy family in Fort Lauderdale.

Today is also a special day for two great kids. My goddaughter Logan has a birthday today and so does my niece Grace. Happy birthday to two very special young ladies! I get to go to Grace's birthday party on Saturday and get to see Logan in a few weeks!
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