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Hailey Kent and her battle with Leukemia

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:20am
I was asked to post this...if you would like any other information, please visit the SMO website using the link below.
Thank you
Hailey Joy Kent, with twin Ryan, left, and mother Maria, is battling leukemia. Maria and her husband, Rick, hope cells taken from a baby delivered by a surrogate mother will help prolong the life of Hailey Joy, also pictured below.
You may have read about little Hailey Kent and her battle with Leukemia on
Surrogate Mothers Online
http://www.SurroMom There are links on
the front page that will direct you to the posts that relate to Hailey and
how the Surrogacy Community is pulling together to help her.

Hailey Kent and her twin brother, Ryan, were born through Gestational
Surrogacy in Simi Valley, CA in  June 2006.  At 4 months old, Hailey was
diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) also know as Mixed Lineage
Leukemia (MLL), a rare, aggressive form of Leukemia.   Only 1 in 19 million
babies are diagnosed with ALL.

Immediately, Hailey underwent very aggressive chemotherapy and had several
blood transfusions to fight the cancer. Because of her rare blood type, O
negative, it has been a challenge to find a 100% matching bone marrow donor.

O negative is a universal donor, which means they can donate to any blood
type, however, they can only receive O negative blood which makes up for
less than 7% of the US population.  Hence, the challenge for a 100% match.
Unfortunately, Hailey's fraternal twin brother is not a match.

Eleven months ago, Hailey underwent a stem cell transplant from an anonymous
donor.  The transplant was a mismatch with only a 94% match. This was the
only hope at the time to save Hailey. She was too sick to wait any longer.
Since the match was only at 94%, 6% of the cancer cells are still
potentially present and harmful.   Hailey spent several months in
isolation in the hospital after the transplant.  As anticipated, the
transplanted stem cells are being rejected by Hailey's fragile body.  This
complication is called Graft Versus Host Disease.

Hailey is now at home with her family where she belongs.  She is still
isolated from others because of her weakened immune system, so she can only
go outside to doctor appointments and she can't be around other children.
Her brother is also in isolation so he doesn't bring home any illnesses to
Hailey. Hailey's chance of relapsing is 75%.  If she does relapse there are
no options available to treat her besides finding the 100% match that can
cure her. At this point, the only chance of finding a match for Hailey is
for her parents to have another baby.

The Kents have decided to have another little miracle through Gestational
Surrogacy.  It was a difficult decision for Maria and Rick to add to their
family at a time like this, but without this baby Hailey may not live.  By
having this baby, their dreams of expanding their family can come true and
it is also away to save their daughter's life.  Utilizing special
technology, this baby will be a 100% stem cell and bone marrow match for

The RE will use a form of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) to
determine which embryos are a 100% match for Hailey.  Statistically, 1 of 4
embryos could be a match. Only those will be transferred to the Gestational

This is where we need your help.  It is no secret how costly infertility
procedures are. The Kents cannot finance another Surrogacy due to all the
medical bills for Hailey and already paying for the journey for the twins.
We are reaching out to the Surrogacy Community asking for help to raise
enough funds to support a compassionate GS through her journey for the
Kents. At this time, we have offers of non-compensated or discount services
from the Kent's Reproductive Endocrinologist, a psychiatrist, and attorneys.
We have a wonderful, experienced GS from TX who has volunteered to be the
Kent's Surrogate for no compensation. The entire Surrogacy Community is
excited about this and wants to help. However, we are still in need of
funding for medications, the PGD to test the embryos for Hailey's match,
medical co-pays and deductibles for the GS, travel expenses, accommodations,
and other incidentals for the journey. We will need approximately 15,000 to
make this happen. If we had 150 people to give $100, that would be the total $15k. If you can give anything...even if only $1.00, it would be appreciated.

Please help us with our effort to raise funds for The Hailey Kent Benefit
Fund. Without your contribution, Hailey will not have a chance if she
relapses. Time is of the essence. We have everything in place except for the
funding. Please contact us if you are interested in making a donation to
help save Hailey's life. On behalf of the entire Kent family, we thank you!

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