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H1N1: to stick or not to stick?

Posted Oct 26 2009 11:01pm

Anyone who wants to feel better about their day should check out my post last week about the joys of getting flu shots with all three kids.  Unless, of course, you are scheduled to get flu shots with your Bunch today, then you should probably skip it.

With all the controversy about vaccinations in general and even more controversy because of the unknowns associated with H1N1, we're curious as to where y'all fall in the in the flu shot or no flu shot debate.  Linda and I frequently find ourselves in opposite camps on the vaccination issue, but this season's virus is throwing a wrench in the works that no one (including the CDC and AAP) knows what to do with.  The deal's sealed for me, but Linda's still on the fence, so tell us, dear Bunchers, what does the survey say on H1N1?

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