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Gumigem - Fashionable Baby Proof Teething Jewellery for Babies and their Mummys!

Posted Apr 17 2013 12:00am


Gumigem teethers
Miller Heart Pendant, a piece of Gumigem teething jewellery

When I'm breastfeeding my 17 month old daughter she loves to play with my chain and cross. She twists and turns it between her fingers and rather remarkably, is very gentle with it, just as her three siblings were.

However, I often fret that one of these days it's going to just snap. She's also been teething a lot lately and now has almost all her front teeth plus four great big back teeth. As many mums know, teething equals chewing and for Sophia this means chewing on almost anything she can lay her little teeth on. She has even chewed lumps out of books that the other children had cherished from their baby days!

Oh yes, we have teethers galore in our house but the problem is I can never find one when needed so, for me, the chance to review a piece of award winning teething jewellery, namely the Gumigem teething necklace, made in Dundee, Scotland, couldn't have come at a better time. Imagine, a teether that looks like a trendy necklace so always on hand but which looks the part when out and about with baby! Perfect :)

Designed by a fellow mummy, Jenny McLaughlan, the Gumigem baby proof mummy jewellery teethers were her lightbulb moment. Trying to soothe her own son who struggled with teething and chewed everything in sight, Jenny decided it was time to design a teether which doubled as a stylish piece of jewellery. So successful has she been that she now has many celebrities including Coleen Rooney, Sienna Miller and Jenny Falconer, wearing and raving about her product.

What I really like about Gumigem, is that all their products, which include bangles and bracelets, pendants, bespoke necklaces and the Miller Heart Pendant necklace I am reviewing, are made from non toxic medical grade silicone and are also BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate free, so they are completely safe for babies to chew on.

I also love how fashionable the products look - they look like proper jewellery rather than a teether on a rope! My Miller Heart Pendant teething necklace is a lovely shimmery silver-grey heart which is chunky on one side and slimmer on the other - it reminds me of the lovehearts my friends and I used to draw on our schoolbags and books as teenagers! However, this design feature has obvious advantages for babies as it allows them to hold them with a good grip.

The heart is tied to a black slim cord which has a safety feature that allows it to snap without breaking if baby tugs too hard on it. Additionally, the heart can be removed from the rope for safety reasons allowing you to let the baby play with the teether but without the risk of strangulation.

The teethers are easy to wash and can even withstand high temperatures. Gumigem can be cleaned in a dishwasher, steriliser or the old fashioned way - in hot soapy water by hand! You just have to remove the cord and clasp first.

So, how did Sophia feel about my new jewellery?

Sophia and her Gumigem jewellery teether
Sophia and her Gumigem jewellery teether
To begin with she was a little bemused. She's so used to playing with my good necklace that she wasn't too sure which to grab - I left my good one on to see which she preferred. However, when I placed the Gumigem in her hand she was very enthusiastic and spent quite a while pulling and twisting it during her feed. She obviously loved the feel and smooth texture and had great fun trying to squeeze it.

The teether is very flexible and feels great to squash - in fact it could also be marketed as a stress relief product for mums as I've been finding myself squeezing it in my palms when feeling tense!

Back to Sophia, after her feed she tested it some more whilst sitting on my knee chewing on it and then pulling it from her clamped teeth and giggling. I'd call that a successful reaction. 

After wearing the Gumigem necklace for a few days now, Sophia is very used to it and almost always chooses it over my old one. When I remove the Gumigem at bedtime, she goes back to playing with my old one which is much shorter on my neck so I don't take it off much.

I must admit, I love the whole concept behind Gumigem teethers and think they would make a lovely and unique baby gift. They're also easy on the pocket which is an added benefit with prices as follows:

Pendants from £10

Necklaces from £15.95

Bespoke Necklaces from £16.95

Bangles and Bracelets from £8.50

There are also money saving combination deals available.

Check out for a full price list. Postage and packaging is a reasonable £1.95. Gumigem are also available internationally at .

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