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Guess Whose A Mommy BlogHer?

Posted Aug 06 2010 5:36pm

The past three years have been whole heartedly devoted to trying to concieve but in addition to fantacizing about becoming  a mom, I also secretly fantacized about becoming a mommy blogger.  I always thought it would be really cool to join the ranks of many of you and to write about the trials and tribulations involved in being a mom.

When Baby Jaycame into our lives he made so many of my dreams  come true like providing unconditional love, helping me to relive moments of my childhood, and allowing me to connect with my mom in unimaginable ways. But he also opened up the door to mommy blogging.

And I can’t thank him enough.

Recently, I emailed the good ladies at BlogHer to inquire about my network status. Since I joined the BlogHer network three years ago, I have been in the infertility category, which means that my headlines are broadcast to other infertility bloggers. I was really nervous because I thought I would have to reapply to the network to be considered under another category. Here’s what I wrote.

<<Hi, I am Eva from the Egg Drop Post. I have been writing under the infertility category but I would like to be moved to the parenting category now that I have a son. Do I need to reapply? Please advise. Thank you.>>

Thankfully, here is how they responded…

<<I’m  an editor with the BlogHer Publishing Network.  Thanks for getting in touch!  Actually I apologize that we haven’t done this ourselves already, we try to remember to email folks and invite them to switch when their blog / life changes, and we just dropped the ball on this one.  We’ll be happy to get you moved to parenting.  It might take a couple of days, but you should see the headlines under your ad change and then you’ll know it done.>>

Whew! The response was perfect.

I’m a mommy blogher and I’m attending BlogHer ‘10. Today was the first day of the conference and it was great. I met a lot of wonderful bloggers that I’ve been following for years and I promise to give a full update sometime after the conference ends tomorrow.

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