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Growth of 6 Weeks fetus

Posted by Sheila

Hi, my last date of menstruation was 15 April 2009. But I am sure that I conceived on/after May 12th. Dr says my pregnancy is 11 weeks & 3 days and fetus has developed only till 6.4 weeks and there is no heartbeat in ultrasound scan. And there is a missed miscarriage. But I have heard that sometimes it's difficult to detect fetus heart beats during 6th week. Please advice.

Ultrasound Report (dated 4 July 2009) says: Uterus is anteverted and gravid. And intrauterine gestational sac is seen.CRL measures 6.9mm. Fetal cardiac activity not seen. This corresponds to gestaional age of 6 weeks and 4 days.
A hypoechoic lesion of size 2.9 x 1.3 cm seen in the subchronic region suggestive of haematoma. Both ovaries appear normal, devoid of corpus lutem. Internal OS is closed. No adnexal mass lesions are seen.

Impression:A single intrauterine gestation of 6 weeks & 4 days with no cardiac activity with subchronic haematoma. Missed Abortion.

I feel like waiting for a week or two to see if fetus develops and shows some heart beats. Please tell me what to expect at this point of time???? 



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