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Great news for expecting mothers!

Posted Nov 01 2009 10:01pm

New “rules” will increase the likely hood you will not be pushed into an early induction (before 39 weeks)

The childbirth educator/doula community has long commented on how one reason the prematurity rate has risen in the past years is because of all the early inductions going on.

Well, there are new guidelines coming out to reduce these early inductions.

More hospitals are expected to start enforcing that criteria this spring, when the Joint Commission that regulates health quality will require hospitals to report all elective deliveries and the gestational age to its public database, providing peer pressure for improvement. Hospitals also will have to report cesareans for first-time mothers, too often a result of a failed induction.

You can read more about it at MSNBC.   I think it is wonderful, but I find it interesting that it has taken this long for them to “figure out” this early induction-premature baby connection.

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