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Goodbye Summer...Hello Autumn!

Posted Aug 29 2012 10:35am
Goodbye Summer…

Growing up in New England you get used to summer lasting only a few weeks. Of course, here in DC it seems like summer lasts a lot longer as temperatures can be in the 90s in April…. However, in Boston the weather in Spring may not be very Spring-like as I remember a snowstorm one year in June!

The end of summer is always sad to me. In June it seemed like there were an almost infinite number of possibilities for the coming season….then by September you are faced with all the fantastic activities that you failed to pursue. This summer was pretty good. There was the obligatory "honey-do" list which including clearing out closets of junk ("What do you mean I should throw out my high school soccer jacket?!?) but I did learn to wakeboard ("Wow Dad you look pretty good for a fat, hairy, balding, old guy!")…

The Bob Seger song "Night Moves" sums up my view of the end of summer
I woke last night to the sound of thunder
How far off I sat and wondered
Started humming a song from 1962
Ain't it funny how the night moves
When you just don't seem to have as much to lose
Strange how the night moves
With autumn closing in

But as we say goodbye to the heat and humidity I guess that Fall has some positive aspects to it as well. Just gotta get over the things that we didn't get to this summer and move on.

I have spent a lot of time going through the 35 mm slides that I rescued from my parents' home following my Mom's death in May. My Dad really had no place to store them and I was appointed keeper of the family memorabilia. The amazing thing about those images is that there are slides of me and my brothers and parents that I have never seen before….In today's digital world where we have instant access to thousands of photos on our iPhones, it is hard to remember what it was like to have a box of slides that contained unknown images from the past. Opening each box of slides is like an archeological expedition. Some trigger sharp memories and other register complete blanks with me.

I love this photo of me and my best friend Karma. She was an excellent dog. Rescued by my Dad (after a lot of pleading) from Camp Cody in New Hampshire she was my buddy. This photo reminds me that Fall isn't so bad after all...

What does any of this have to do with IVF and infertility? Well, not a lot I guess except that for many of our patients their view of their fertile years may be initially like my view of summer from the perspective of June. Then suddenly the years flash by and autumn seems to be closing in. But there can be good days in autumn….with or without your canine companion.

This past week I met up with a couple that had been through a lot including a tough mid trimester loss. We discussed issues of diminished ovarian reserve, and age-related aneuploidy (chromosome abnormalities). I spent some time discussing Natural Cycle IVF. Ultimately, they politely stopped me and told me that they were really more interested in hearing about donor egg IVF. They had moved beyond Summer and were prepared to embrace and love Fall. Patients are always a doctor's best teachers…

P.S. My Brother Steve is still kicking my butt in terms of Mom's Scholarship Fund .....
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