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Goodbye Lupron, Hello Lovenox

Posted Mar 24 2010 7:38am
Last night was the first night in 3 weeks that I didn't wake up in the middle of the night. No ulcer pain waking me from sleep with awful gnawing in my gut. Is it because I stopped the Lupron? Is it that the Zantac has finally started working? Who knows and, honestly, who cares! It was MAGNIFICENT. I didn't realize how miserable it was making things. But I fell asleep around midnight last night and didn't wake up until 6:45 this morning. I know this will be short lived, since the progesterone makes me pee pretty much constantly, but last night was great. I'm also in a really good mood today but that's probably the steroids kicking in.
I had to pick up a prescription last night and I decided to ask the pharmacist for 25 gauge needles instead of 22 gauge for the PIO injections. I used the 22 last time, but my rear end definitely was sore and the shots weren't always painless. So, I thought we'd give 25 a shot. Internets, I couldn't even FEEL it!!! Seriously, Rich had already put it in and started injecting and I was about to throw a "what the hell are you waiting for?" his way when I looked back and saw it was almost over. And, this morning? No achy butt! I am sitting at my desk without putting all my weight on one cheek!
Last night was also my first Lovenox shot. I had gotten myself all worked up after reading some blogs about the intense burning, so I was a bit panicky. I actually decided to do it while Rich was at rugby because he tends to poke fun at my, ummm... baby-like freakouts since I'm normally pretty tough. For example, I can't swallow liquid medication. When I was 6 I opted for an Amoxicillin injection instead of the pink liquid awfulness. I've never taken NyQuil, minus a friend's mother who tried to get me to take it and was left with green-stained bathroom towels. Whoever came up with Liqui-Gels is my hero. Anyway, I had pneumonia early this year and I had to take cough syrup. It literally took me 45 minutes of psyching myself up to swallow ONE TEASPOON! I chickened out about 500 times and I thought Rich was going to strangle me! I made him hold my nose and I used one hand to throw the GIANT teaspoon of medicine as far back in my throat as I could and the other to chug Diet Coke WHILE HE WAS STILL HOLDING MY NOSE! It's ridiculous.
So, last night, I thought I'd save myself the embarrassment and him the torment and do it alone. I have no problem with needles or blood (thank goodness!) but the burning is not something I was looking forward to. So, my nerdy self watched the informational video on the Lovenox site and did the injection. Which, of course, I didn't feel at all. I had burning for about 10 minutes afterwards, but it was not painful, just annoying really.
So, in two days, our 3 embryos will be transferred and hopefully make my uterus their home for the next nine months. Please, God. Please...
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