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Posted Dec 03 2009 4:39pm
Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.
Children born to a young man are like sharp arrows in a warrior’s hand
Psalm 127: 3 & 4

Grandma Myrl, December 2007, holding our son Theodore, who was six month old at the time, while my mother-in-law and father-in-law and husband look on.

It feels like just yesterday I was saying goodbye on this blog to one of our son’s Great Grandmothers and here I am saying goodbye to the other one.

Yes, our son has lost the other of his blood Great Grandmothers, Grandma Myrl (He has two step Great Grandmothers still living). She died on Sunday of bleeding from a ruptured stomach and so the family is in mourning for the second time this year.

I remember when we visited earlier this year to attend the funeral of the other Great Grandmother, Grandma Daphne, Grandma Myrl was attempting to hug Theodore and he was resisting and so I encouraged him to hug her, thinking, this might be the last time he gets to do this because, Great Grandmothers do not stick around. Little did I know that this would become true so soon.

I often hear Grandma Myrl declare that she wanted to die so much so that my sister-in-law would remind me of this whenever she asked how she was doing. She was always remarking, how life had become so stressful and too many wicked, callous things were happening and would become depressed from watching the news and reading the newspapers. She lost a daughter this same month, a couple of years ago, whom she missed dearly and I know when she found out she would not make it, I am sure she was happy to be reunited with her. She loves that daughter so much and would not give up a chance to talk about her.

Grandma’s mouth was always strong but her eyesight kept declining and I remember when we visited recently, when she saw me for the first time, she said, “boy you looking so fat” and this was after everyone else was saying how I was looking slim. I knew then that her eye sight had declined even more. I wanted to hug her so much for saying this because I was worried about my weight loss but I knew Grandma was not seeing well. I still smile every time I remember that incident.

Grandma Myrl had a way of encouraging people and when my husband and I’s struggle with infertility intensified and began to overwhelm us, she would encourage us in her own subtle way and would always enquire how our relationship was doing as a result of this. We were always very appreciative of this as she was the only one in both our families who was actually brave enough to touch on this subject and in this way. Little wonder our son came into this world on her birthday and we believe this is God’s way of allowing us to say thanks to her.

Grandma, you will be greatly missed and we are sad we will not be able to attend your funeral as there are no flights available because of the Christmas Season.

We love you eternally and we will miss those loud dramatic conversations and hearty laughs. Your legacy will certainly continue.

REST IN PEACE and give our regards to our dear Auntie Joannie.
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