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Good but Boring 12w2d Appointment

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm

I had my third prenatal appointment yesterday and everything went well. I have gained 5 pounds, give or take since they weigh you with clothes on, and my blood pressure was 122/65. I peed in a cup and I assume all went well with that.

I got to keep my clothing on this time, so that was exciting. The Dr. came in after a minimal wait and used the doppler on me, finding the heartbeat quickly. She said it was nice and clear and will be much louder next time. She kept on looking at me and the husband funny, probably because we weren't very excited about hearing the heartbeat. I can listen to the heartbeat any time I want, which takes the novelty right out of it. She said I'm to come back in 4 weeks, March 27th.

Other than testing my protein for urine, I could have done everything else at home. I was disappointed we didn't sent up my Quad screen blood work and gender/development ultrasound, but since I'm only going to be 16w2d at my next appointment, I suppose it makes sense to wait until then.

The only question I had for the doctor was when the official start date fro the second trimester is. Turns out, she knows as much as I do. She said some say it's the beginning of the 12th week, which I am already passed, and others say it's the beginning of the 13th week, which I will be on Sunday, so I'm right around there. Those were her exact, medical school graduate words. I knew that. I could find that on Google. I was looking for something a little more concrete. God forbid the doctors get together and decide once and for all when the trimesters start and end.

Now that I may or may not be in the second trimester and the medical community doesn't have a bad word to say about me, the husband and I are forcing ourselves to believe we are going to have a baby in 6 months. We're like 90% sure. We'll be closer to 98ish% sure after the next ultrasound when they tell me the baby has all of his/her parts and they seem to be in working order. But until then, we're 90%, which is fine by me, since after three miscarriages, I've been hovering around 35% sure.

Therefore, since at 90% sure, we are expected to act like fertiles and get excited and plan and such, we started. I made a list of all the stuff you need for a baby, crossed off the very few things I have left from 7 years ago and made a rough draft of what I need through the BabiesRUs registry. I'll need a real registry in a couple months anyway since my MIL is throwing me a baby shower. I'm not really sure who to invite to it though, other than the husbands family. I'm carrying his first kid, so they are excited, but my family already threw me one for the hellion. I'm not sure my family and friends would be interested in coming to a second shower for me.

I've read all this stuff about 2nd baby showers and it all says it's perfectly acceptable to have one if it has been more than 5 years since your last child (check), the child is a different gender than your previous children (??) and the child has a different father (check). I meet most if not all the requirements, so that really isn't the reason why i feel slightly uneasy. It's the gifts. Most second showers are about getting diapers and other cheap stuff, while mainly celebrating another child. Although that sounds good in theory, I borrowed most of the big ticket items with the hellion, so we need and have to register for them. We lack the fundamentals like a crib, swings, changing table, playpen, etc. And some of the things I did get at the first shower are, well, old and out of date both safety and fashion wise, such as the car seat and stroller. I know I need the stuff and I know we can't afford to buy everything ourselves in the next 6 months, so the shower is a blessing, and hell, who doesn't love parties in their honor? I'm just afraid that my family and friends will think that I'm just trying to get an extra expensive present out of them. Oh well, I have more than enough time to worry about that.

Our other venture into thinking I will give birth to a real live baby is picking baby names. I know myself and I know the husband and therefore, I know we will never chose a first and middle name for both a boy and a girl in six months with minimal arguing. We tend to be rather stubborn people who know what compromise is, but chose to practice it sparingly. Then I found what I consider the best baby name decision maker on the internet. While checking out the blog of the BabyNameWizard creator, I saw a post about Baby Name Madness. It's like March Madness in basketball, but with baby names. You print out this PDF file that has the bracket things like in basketball, but instead of team names, you insert 32 girls names and 32 boys names. From there you have many different choices, like flipping a coin, to arguing, to allowing others to vote. We've decided to involve all who want to and once a week have them vote until we have a first name for each gender and then start again for the middle names. Each voting period should take 5 weeks, and there will need to be a break in between for us to figure out what middle names to put in the brackets. Overall it should take about 12 weeks. We're going to start on Sunday and baring any complications, we should have our baby names by the time I'm 26 weeks.
We have already selected the 64 first names, which I will post here around Sunday. My mom voiced some concern about getting stuck with a name we don't really want and about how this decision is ultimately ours to make. I get all that, but we did chose the names together, so we like all of them. Plus, I know so many people who name their kids and then everyone around them is like, oh, yeah, that's um, nice. What may sound really good in our heads, may rhyme with something really offensive in someone else's. It's kind of like allowing everyone free reign to bash your names, which is something everyone wants to do, but most care to much about you to hurt your feelings. You gotta figure, if the majority thinks your name sucks, it probably does.

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