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Go, go, go!

Posted Sep 19 2010 12:00am

The girls LOVE going places right now. Whenever I carry one of them down the stairs to the car, I always say "Let's go, go, go!" and Liana now tells me how excited she is by exclaiming "go! go!" herself :) If either Bjorn or I go down the stairs or into the garage and then return back upstairs, it is not uncommon to find the girls at the baby gate crying in frustration because they realize we're not actually going somewhere. Other times they will stand at the window and enthusiastically point to their swings in the yard or the street :)!

So we tried to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather and the fact that Bjorn was back by packing our Sunday with lots of activities for the girls. I took them to church again this morning (with some back-up from Grandpa, of course!) and the girls had lots of fun playing with other children and wandering up and down the hallways. At one point, Amaya walked straight into the church office, looking for her daddy, I'm sure. After lunch and a nap back home, we stopped at our friend Brecken's 1st birthday party, after which we ran some errands and made a stop at the play ground. Then it was back to church for a dinner and more playing with kids and wandering up and down the hallways. I am amazed at the distances little Miss Amaya can walk :)!

The only problem with the girls' wanting to go places all the time now is that they really don't enjoy car rides. Or sitting in the stroller. And I've realized that I really can't take them places where they'd want to get down and walk (like the play ground or church) by myself until they've learned the concept of staying close to mom!!

Here are few snap shots from the playground this afternoon

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