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give me your feedback – how much did you love your cleanse?

Posted Oct 28 2012 5:41pm

The first round of cleansing is OVER.  Well done to those who participated!  I promise I won't bore you much more if you aren't a cleanser or have no intention of cleansing with me soon – oh that brings me to reminding you I'm offering a second cleanse commencing 5th of November.  You have one week to jump onboard (although best get your registrations to me by no later than wednesday to get your packs out in time for Monday).

Cleansing is an interesting and intense experience.  Most spend the first 2 – 3 days hating on it as they detoxify and then the last few days not wanting it to end.  Reality is, it doesn't have to end!  (plus, with recipes like those in the cleanse – it isn't any wonder people don't want to stop!)  If you want to keep it up – of course you can.  Most choose to keep on track for a little while, slowly add back foods that weren't allowed during the 5 days.  Many also decide that from that point on, they don't want to go back to their old ways, and use the opportunity to eat better on the whole.  And then, there are those who re-tox after the detox!  Remember – gently is key.  It's a pretty cool process your body has been through.  

Anyway, I want to say, go you good thing for getting through.  You've done your body a wild favour, boosted your health and of course your fertility too!  Many many women have emailed me in years gone by post cleanse, to thank me and share of their pregnancy news.  When we get back to basics and clear out the cobwebs, the body works so much better – and that always extends to fertility.  

I'd love to hear how you went, what you loved, what you didn't and if you plan on doing it again soon with me!  After this round in November, I'll be offering another opportunity to cleanse come very early new year.  Stay tuned for that!


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