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Getting Your Kids to Enjoy Nature's Medicine

Posted Oct 11 2010 12:00am

Are you like many Mom's who are totally frustrated with trying to convince the kids to take their eyes off the television and their fingers off the games controls and spend some time outdoors? If so, then perhaps these suggestions will help you in your battle against the cyber world so your kids will enjoy a healthier outdoor atmosphere.

How you will approach this task will depend on the age of the youngsters. This can be anywhere from when they first discover the television right up into their teens.

For the little ones make up an outdoor adventure focusing on something they are intrigued with. Perhaps your little guy likes insects and bugs, where your little girl is mesmerized with butterflies. The plan is, that you heard about this really neat new bug or butterfly that is around and you are going on a nature hunt.

Chances are you have peaked their interest and they will join you. Once you have started this little game though make sure you follow through with your quest for this new mysterious object as you are exploring the outdoors. You will find that the time will fly by as you and the youngsters are enjoying this outdoor activity.

For the middle aged kids that are no longer going to fall for the fantasy trip, find some interesting destinations that are within walking distance to start with. Perhaps there is a restaurant that is a good ten to fifteen minute one way walk from your house. The object would be to walk here to go for a treat.

Then perhaps a day or two later a walk to a local mall that is a fair distance away to do some window shopping. If you make the walk pleasant where you are spending time talking about the children's interest along the way eventually you won't have to have a destination. They will want to participate because of the interaction.

Finally for the older kids. This is a tough one as at this age they are usually quite self centered. Here you are going to have to use your wits and put yourself at their mercy. Perhaps you could tell them that you really need some fresh air and exercise but really don't like going out alone. Put them in the position that they are doing a kind act or a favor for you and it will serve your purpose.

This may seem like a fair amount of work to get the kids to do something that they should automatically want to do. Don't forget though that there is a lot of temptation they face when it comes to choosing the wonderful healthy outdoors or those exciting video games or great movies.

Fresh air and exercise is so important to both the physical and mental health of our youngsters that it really demands all the effort we can put forth into getting them to do something that is so good for their overall well being.

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