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Get a Bubble of Peace – Enjoy Birth {day 6}

Posted Oct 06 2012 9:00am
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I’ve been sharing how important it is to let only positive messages about birth into your mind.

It is easy to turn off a TV show.

It can be more challenging to stop friends and strangers from telling scary stories.

But, you can ask them to stop if they start.  Explain that your baby can hear them too, and that you only want to be exposed to positive stories because you are planning for a positive birth experience.

Sometimes even your medical care providers tell you scary things.

What can you do about these situations??

Make yourself a Bubble of Peace!

Hypnobabies has an amazing mental tool called the Bubble of Peace.  This has helped many moms take in only the good and none of the bad information around them.  Hypnobabies also teaches how to let go of fears and help your mind accept the idea that birth can be positive!

I have been teaching Hypnobabies for 6 years now and the bubble of peace is one of my favorite tools I help moms and dads create.  It is so helpful in keeping that positive attitude about birth.  I still use my bubble of peace about once a week and my “baby” is almost 7!

Free Hypnobabies MP3

If you are curious about Hypnobabies you can download 2 free MP3s.

The first free MP3 is informational and tells you all about what Hypnobabies is and how it works.

The second free MP3 is a hypnosis track called Relax Me.  It is for anyone, not just pregnant moms.  It is a perfect way to experience hypnosis and see what it is like.


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