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Gestation, Insurance and Spooky Accusations

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm

After extensive internet research, I have deduced that I am due September 9, 2007 and am currently 5 Weeks 2 Days along. I have something like 243 more days to go, which seems like an awful long time to me. Too much time for something to go wrong. Some call me a pessimist, but I consider myself a realist.

I ordered another months worth of the generic progesterone and am bordering on obsessive about making sure I take it twice a day. I have a tendency to forget things like pills for days on end.

It's official, everyone in the world knows I'm pregnant. I told my mom when she got back from Florida the other day and gave her the task of telling my father. I've told I was pregnant once and got a not so overly thrilled reaction, so it was mom's job from then on. Everyone is being eerily supportive this time around, so that's something.

Since we won't have regular insurance until I'm about 14 weeks and I'm not eligible for state insurance due to our lowly hospitalization insurance, I wasn't planning on seeing a doctor until I was in my second trimester. History has proven that in the first trimester doctors love to charge you for tests, but refuse to actually do anything about bad tests results until you manage to make it into the second trimester on your own. Since I never do, it seemed like a huge waste of time and money.

Dad made a big deal about me seeing a doctor as soon as possible (something him and the husband actually see eye to eye on) and offered to pay for all of my medical expenses until I get the full coverage in March. He's also offered to help me find a new doctor if I feel my current doctors aren't being as helpful as I would like them to be (I think he blames them for the last three miscarriages) and to pay for any specialists I may need.

His offer is very very generous, but I'm not 100% on accepting. I would love to see a doctor and have them tell he everything is perfect this time around. But, if I go and see someone and they tell me there is another problem and then refuse to help since I'm not the magic 14 weeks along, I may end up slaughtering the entire staff. It seems more stressful than beneficial.

My other option is to fake a problem and go to the hospital, where we will be covered 100% for any emergency. Since I am RH-, any pain or bleeding is considered an emergency. I could get a blood test and an ultrasound for free. Downside: I sit in the emergency room for 16 to 20 hours bored out of my mind. And our local emergency room blows as their bedside manner is remarkably sub par.

And the freaky moment of my week was when mom told dad. As soon as she was finished, he said that my grandfather (who was on vacation with them) asked him when I was due. He replied that I wasn't pregnant. Now, grandpa is getting kinda senile and perhaps he thought I was still pregnant with the 6 year old hellion. But they took the hellion to Florida with them and she was basically sitting on grandpa's lap when he asked the question. He's not that senile, yet. Maybe it's a good sign, since no one has accused me of being pregnant only for me to find out I actually was pregnant at the time of the accusation since I was pregnant with the hellion and a palm reader told my friend that I was pregnant.

I may be grasping at straws here, but there is the slight possibility that it could be a pattern.

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