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Gay surrogacy India , gay couple surrogacy

Posted Apr 23 2013 6:46am
When considering approaching a surrogate in order to achieve parenthood, intended parents should keep certain factors in mind. The advantage of contacting a gestation surrogate is that intended parents can have a child that is biologically related to both the parents, if no donor sperm or eggs are used.

Gestational Surrogacy is when a women also referred to as a surrogate mother carries a baby for an intended couple or individual.The gestational surrogate has no genetic relationship to the child that she is carrying. The intended Mother goes through a traditional IVF cycle to create embryos using the sperm of the intended Father or from a sperm donor that will then be transferred to the surrogate. In some case an egg donor might be needed. A women who agrees to serve as a gestational surrogate must sign a gestational surroagcy contract prior to engaging in the surrogacy. The gestational surrogate must agree to medical evaluation and treatment during her participation in the program. If at least one member of the commissioning couple is the genetic parent of the child, the commissioning couple are presumed to be the natural parents of the child gestated by the surrogate.

There have always been debates about gay surrogacy and the future of the child born to a gay couple using surrogate mother.

Today hundreds of foreign couples have received the joy of parenthood through Surrogacy in India. The world is full of stories of gay couples who have succeeded in raising their surrogate child without any social and emotional issues and in a perfectly normal environment.

When looking for a surrogate, you should keep in mind the cost of the entire procedure. Many parents choose to work with an affordable surrogacy center. These centers take care of the entire process, right from finding an appropriate gestational surrogate to helping parents understand the legal procedures, screening the surrogate on a regular basis, monitoring their health, and acting as an adviser for parents.

India is one of the most favorable locations for gay surrogacy because of the cost effectiveness in the country.If you plan to go for a surrogacy procedure in India, you can get in touch with a surrogacy clinic who will arrange a meeting between you and a prospective surrogate mother. The clinic would further help you make an agreement with the surrogate mother.

The type of surrogate you choose is also important. Intended parents usually look for surrogates who are healthy, enjoy the process of pregnancy, and have a desire to help people attain parenthood. When you look for a gestational surrogate, you should keep in mind that they need to satisfy some stringent criteria. For example, many of the best surrogacy centers insist that the surrogates be non smokers. They look for surrogates who have had their own biological child,and therefore,understand the challenges and the joys of pregnancy.

An Indian surrogate mother helps fulfill dreams of parenthood for those who want children but due to biological constraints are unable to fulfill that dream on their own. It is important that the gestational surrogate’s values and their expectations from the pregnancy match yours, as this would help you accomplish your dream of parenthood.

You should not let your sexual orientation come between you and parenthood. Surrogacy India has made it possible for same sex couple to raise a child who is biologically related to one of the partners. The world has also started accepting gay marriages and children of gay couples no longer have to face any social issues. Even though discrimination exists in some parts of the world, in most countries it is becoming an accepted practice. Surrogacy clinics are not hard to find.

India’s Rotunda clinic has multiple locations around Mumbai and there are 13 doctors at just this clinic alone. Dr.Gautam, also brings his Israeli experience to India – Israel is known for its great successes in helping women over 40 conceive – and he too feels he is one of the most skilled in India working with “older” fertility patients.Honestly, his confidence is enough to convince me – this is what I want to see in my doctor! He has had a 46 year old achieve a pregnancy and does something called minimal stimulation.

Surrogacy overseas at Rotunda-The Center for Human Reproduction is open for married, unmarried, and gay/lesbian couples who cannot have baby of their own due to biological inabilities and deficiencies.Rotunda offers Gestational Surrogacy in India to people of all nationalities.All couples including lesbian and gay couples and even single men and single women can avail this facility to fulfill their dream of enjoying parenthood.

Now everyone can have baby: Start creating your family today by contacting at /gestationalsurrogacy or or or simply a phone call at +91 22 2655 2000 or +91 22 26405000
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